What is a fairy door and how does it work?

I asked the same question when my daughter first received her fairy door. Fairy Doors are tiny doors, usually found on a shelf, above a baseboard or hidden in the base of a tree. Legend has it that with the help of a grownup, “fairies” can use this little door to visit children. Fairies often leave notes, treasures or little gifts, by the fairy door to encourage good behaviors, to help with difficult childhood transitions and as a means to celebrate special occasions and milestones. Likewise, children can exchange notes and leave drawings by the fairy door to interact with the fairies. Parents often use fairy doors to prompt creative thinking and to stimulate children’s imaginations. Fairies are known to comfort children when they have a bad dream, to leave small rewards in exchange for lost teeth or even grant wishes for children who are well behaved.


How to hang A Very Fairy Door:

Command tape door to baseboard,Nail it to a tree, or use other affixing materials, (look at our insert in your package) Once you invite the fairies in, watch the magic begin!!!

So where do these magical doors come from?

Fairy doors first appeared in 1993 in Ann Arbour Michigan as installation art. Local restaurants, galleries and shops were surprised when fairy doors “magically” appeared, attached to their dwellings. It was later discovered that Jonathan B Wright, a teacher of graphic design technologies was the culprit behind the installation of these fairy doors. In 2005, a fairy door publicly appeared on the exterior of Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea (Ann Arbour, Michingan). There have been 10 more fairy door installations in Ann Arbor, Michigan and surrounding area, and of those 7 still remain today. Fairy Doors have taken on a bit of a cult following in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Visitors often stop by “fairy door” establishments to sign guestbooks. Local children often leave gifts in hopes that the fairies will receive them. Presents left at the doors include: notes, drawings, shiny rocks, candies, and coins. To see a full list of establishments in Ann Arbour Michigan that still have fairy doors click HERE. In 2015, Canada received its first fairy visit via A Very Fairy Door which is now a staple in many homes across the globe. Children hang A Very Fairy Door in their room in hopes that a fairy will visit. Children interact with the fairies by leaving notes, drawings and trinkets by their fairy door and with the help of a parent come morning these items “magically” disappear. Children know when a fairy has visited by the little notes and gifts left at A Very Fairy Door.

To find out more read A Very Fairy Door


What makes fairy doors so appealing?

The miniature size of the fairy door excites the imagination AND the fact that these little doors don’t open leaves us to imagine all the magical activities that take place inside.


Why do fairies visit?

Fairies are curious creatures and they love to learn more about US humans. They’ve noticed at times that human children can get scared or sad and fairies love to comfort children to make them feel better. Once a fairy door is in place fairies can watch over bedrooms, which encourages kids to sleep in their room through the night. Fairies also like to reward good behaviors and reiterate positive mom and dad messages; they offer support with potty training, getting rid of soothers and other difficult childhood transitions such as a move, and first day of school nerves. Fairies especially like clean bedrooms and they LOVE to celebrate holidays. The Easter bunny, Christmas elf and Tooth Fairy have been known to use A Very Fairy Door as a portal to enter our human world.

- Fairy doors help solve many common parenting problems.

- Grandparents love that fairies spoil their grandchildren when they come to visit.

- Fairy doors make beautiful décor in any home or garden.

For extra fairy fun children are encouraged to decorate and personalize their fairy door.

What are the benefits to active imaginations?

Language skills: Reading A Very Fairy Door promotes young reading skills. Notes exchanged back and forth with fairies strengthens and encourages children to read.

Self expression:

Imaginative-based pretend play (i.e. speaking to fairies and leaving notes and drawings). The look in your child's eye when they wake to find that a fairy has visited is priceless. Once the door is hung, even the smallest of treasures left by the fairies bring the biggest of smiles!



Fairies encourage and praise good behaviors, grades, manners and kindness. A Very Fairy Door captures childhood adoration.

What is the difference between A Very Fairy Door and other fairy doors out there?

We conceptualized and designed a fairy door that can be used in any home or garden. Our doors are crafted from the best most durable materials: resin, which enables use of the door inside or outside. Painted wood doors are not as safe for children due to potential for ingestion of paint chips and splinters from the wood. Molds and damage are much more likely with a wood fairy door. Our resin fairy door is durable and safest for children.

A Very Fairy Door also comes packaged with an illustrated children’s book to enrich imaginations and create magical memories.

Is a fairy going to actually visit?

Legend has it that with the help of a grownup, fairies can visit children, they often leave notes, treasures or little gifts, by the fairy door to encourage good behaviors, to help with difficult childhood transitions and as a means to celebrate special occasions. Parents often use fairy doors to prompt creative thinking and to stimulate children’s imaginations. Only those that believe will receive, for when you believe anything is possible!!!

How you can use A Very Fairy Door:

A Very Fairy Door is a great parenting tool to help children through difficult transitions in their lives and to bring a fairy fun into the home.

Some uses include:

• To reward good behaviors

• To help with bedtime routines

• To encourage creativity and kindness

• To celebrate special occasions (i.e birthdays, Valentine's Day, etc)

• Be a portal for the tooth fairy and holiday elves

• To provide encouragement

• To help children overcome fears (i.e the dark, needles, first day of school, etc.)

• Facilitates imaginative play

• Assists with difficult life changes (i.e divorce, move, loss of a loved one)

• Helps during times of illness

• Facilitates potty training

• Provides first day of school fun

• Is a great decoration for any room in the home or garden

• Captures childhood joy and wonder

• Teaches children about doing good for others

• Encourages more family time and less screen time

• Helps autistic and ADHD kids to focus

• And helps to spread love just because!!!

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