Hooray, you’ve received A Very Fairy Door and have chosen a super special spot to place your door (if not, go to START HERE to get some ideas on how you can hang your fairy door). Now it’s time to meet the very fairy friends that will stop by from time to time to visit you….

Ruby is my name and making art is my favorite game

Georgia Maize- I’m as sweet as a daisy and love flowers like crazy!!!

Rosabelle- Twinkle twinkle little star, can you spot my glitter from a far?

Greyson- I may not be swift, but I love to give gifts!

Oliver- I’m a little bit shy, just a critters type of guy

Calliope- I may be small, but I’m the bravest of all!

Audrey- Watch me twirl, flip and fly, there’s no sport I won’t try!

Lila- I love signing lullabies at night it helps children sleep tight