Hi, I’m Carlie,

Author of A Very Fairy Door!

Welcome to our A Very Fairy Door family. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little about my story.

As a young girl I loved to write, I especially loved to play with rhymes and poetry. I remember writing an essay for my parents to get out of a 1 week grounding for double riding on my bike and it totally worked - DON'T DOUBLE RIDE KIDS, IT'S NOT SAFE!!!

In school I won numerous concour d’art oratoires, poetry contests and the English and Creative Writing awards. I often stayed up way past my bedtime, pen in hand, flashlight on, writing a million miles a minute. Who am I kidding. I still do that now as a grownup.

I’m a fairy fanatic and love to write of far off fantasy lands. I especially love sharing these stories with the children I care for at the hospital and enjoy making their day a little bit brighter with the help of fairy magic.

I have 2 beautiful daughters. My eldest Avery inspired the name of the company and continues to spark creativity through her imaginative based play and brilliant ideas. As a new mom I needed some additional tools to help with parenting. It’s not always easy, but A Very Fairy Door helped with that – it encouraged good behavior without reminders, It comforts my daughter each night as she goes to bed, It helped us during potty training, getting rid of soothers and is always used to celebrate special occasions. We believe that fairy doors should be in every home, to help every parent reiterate positive messaging in a super fun and supportive way!

Like you, we’re busy working moms, so we wanted to make our product convenient, fun for both parents and kids and something that can be used anytime you need a little help from the fairies! We are a proud Canadian company that celebrates children and we strive to make magical family memories.

When you believe, anything is possible!

XO Carlie