Our Story

On the road to recovery from cancer I reflected on the precious moments I was able to share with my daughter throughout the most difficult times. These moments all seemed to center around her fairy door. When she wouldn't sleep in her own room, because she was scared of the dark and missed her mom, the fairies helped. When she was going through tough toddler transitions like potty training, not hitting, cleaning up her toys, getting needles, the fairies would visit to brighten her day and encourage good behavior. When I needed a way to stay busy, we'd interact with our fairies by making drawings and leaving notes by the door for them. The best part is my daughter continues to use her imagination to bring the fairy world to life!

A Very Fairy Door has been one of the best parenting tools for me. I felt it important to create a story, to help other parents guide their children through challenging life transitions, in a fun and supportive way; and wrote a magical book about the very fairy friends and their incredible journey into our world. The characters are beautiful and innocent thanks to our Illustrator, Krista Smith. Our fairy doors (designed by my mom Kim) are extra special too, they can be hung on any wall (indoors or out) and can be cherished as a lifelong keepsake.

Seeing the joy and excitement in little one’s eyes after a fairy has visited is priceless! A Very Fairy Door has brought so many magical memories to our home. I'd like to extend that magic from our home to yours, and continue to create everlasting memories for years to come!