A Very Fairy Door


What is A Very Fairy Door?

Once a fairy door is hung, the fairies can visit and have some fun

So much happiness comes from A Very Fairy Door:
Like comfort, encouragement, laughter and more!
When your child's not looking the fairies may bring
a treasure, a note, or most anything!
For sometimes fairies are just what you need,
to brighten a day or help you succeed;
to get through tough times or reward a good deed!

The very fairies bring love and cheer and can stop by
for visits any time of the year!

I'm a parent - can you give me some example uses for A Very Fairy Door?

A fairy door can:

What is the target age range for A Very Fairy Door?

A Very Fairy Door is a wonderful gift for children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren, but the magic doesn’t stop at kids. Many grownup’s collect fairies and have fairy gardens too. Fairy Doors even make for super sweet nursery décor, as a keepsake that grows with your child.

You can’t put an age range to A Very Fairy Door because when you believe, anything is possible!

When do the fairies come to visit?

Fairies generally sleep during our light hours, but tend to wake up just around the time you go to bed each night. (That's when their world is light). It would be very unusual to spot one during the day.

Will I see an actual fairy?

Maybe. Little fairies are very hard to see. You might just catch a fairy flicker or see little sparkles around you throughout the day, which let's you know they're nearby, however they are extremely hard to spot with our human eyes!

Does A Very Fairy Door donate to charitable causes?

Yes. 5% of all books sold will be donated to children's hospitals and other charitable children's organizations like Make a Wish Foundation, Roger's House, etc.

What if the fairies haven't visited in a while?

Being a very fairy means there's lots of work to do. If they haven't visited in a while, they haven't forgotten about you. Each night when you lay down your sweet head, you'll see your fairy door close to your bed. The fairies will know all the good things you've done and will also know when you are thinking about them. They will sing sweet lullabies to help lull you to sleep and from time to time may bring you treasures to keep.

What's the benefit of signing up for A Very Fairy Door's email list?

Once you've signed up you'll have special access to free activities, games and crafts and will get updates before anyone else on what's new and upcoming at A Very Fairy Door headquarters. You will also get first access to special events, contests and giveaways!

Why do I see fairy doors in the store? I thought that fairies came from a magical land?

That they do. The fairies wrote to us one night and said they wish to visit many boys and girls like you, but were having a hard time getting through. They asked us to share A Very Fairy Door and to put them into lots and lots of stores so that way they would have a portal to fly through so that they can finally come to see you!

Why did you choose Kickstarter to support your project instead of traditional publishing?

We realized early on the potential that A Very Fairy Door had to positively shape little one's lives, to help with difficult childhood transitions and to replace them with something positive and fun. There are billions of people all over the world and they have kids or know someone with kids or may even know someone that just loves fairies and can think of at least 3 situations in which a very fairy visit could be useful whether it's to help with fears of the dark, a divorce, a move, an illness, a portal for the tooth fairy and holiday elves to visit or just because... The possibilites are endless.

Even if used as a stand alone decorative item A Very Fairy Door is sure to bring joy to many homes.

Crowdfunding allowed us to share this with people all over the world. We especially wanted to hand select our Illustrator, to keep our characters age appropriate and oh so cute. From what we read about traditional publishers they generally choose the Illustrator and we were really set on who would be the best fit for our brand. Now that we've had such amazing support with A Very Fairy Door we can see that there is a huge market for this. A fun toy that not only benefits children, but can be used as a parenting tool too! Win-Win. Kickstarter was the perfect platform for us to bring a creative project like this to life; to reach people from all over the world and to share our very fairy journey!

What's next?

There are many very fairy adventures awaiting you... So stay tuned! In the meantime, join in on the fun by subscribing to our email list, and be the first to know about what's new and happening!

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